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High-Efficiency Aquarium Air Pump for Oxygenating Mini Fish Tanks

High-Efficiency Aquarium Air Pump for Oxygenating Mini Fish Tanks

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  • 🐟SILENT OPERATION: The Bedee High-Efficiency Aquarium Air Pump operates with maximum noise of just 35 dB. With an upgraded piezoelectric ceramic plate, this pump has no motor or vibration, allowing fish keepers to say goodbye to noise.
  • 🐟BEST AIR STONE: This air pump comes with an air stone that reduces the size of air bubbles from the pump, reducing agitation for the fish and improving water circulation and oxygen levels. It creates an oxygen-rich, stress-free environment for your fish, promoting their health and longevity.
  • 🐟EFFICIENT ENERGY: With a power consumption of only 1W, this fish tank air pump provides a steady airflow of 500ml/min into the tank. It is highly energy-saving and has a long lifespan, making it suitable for long-term use and helping you save on energy costs.
  • 🐟NO BACKFLOW: The aquarium air pump is equipped with a check valve that effectively prevents water from flowing back into the air pump through the air tube. This feature extends the life of the air pump and ensures safe usage.
  • 🐟AIR PUMP SET: The Bedee High-Efficiency Aquarium Air Pump includes the air pump, air stone, air tube, check valve, suction cups, and user manual. It is easy to install and can be set up in just 1 second. Regular cleaning of the air stone with a small brush is recommended to prevent blockage by impurities.

Product Description

Bedee High-Efficiency Aquarium Air Pump

Efficient and Energy-saving: This compact pump is perfect for aquariums with a capacity of up to 50 liters and reduces power consumption to only 1W.

Compact and Convenient: With its slim profile design, lightweight construction, and portability, this air pump is space-saving and easy to handle.

Easy to Install: It requires no additional tools and can be attached to any desired location in seconds.

Ultra Quiet :

Thanks to the new generation piezoelectric plate and outstanding manufacturing quality process, our aquarium air pump has fewer moving parts compared to traditional ones, making it one of the most silent and stable pumps available.

Warm Tips:

1. Connect the air stone to the air tube, ensuring a secure fit to prevent air leakage.

2. Connect the air tube to the air pump outlet, making sure it is steady and secure.

3. Attach the suction cup to the back of the pump.

4. If you are not using the check valve, install the pump ABOVE the water level to avoid any possible water back flow.

5. If you have to position the pump BELOW the water level of your fish tank, use the check valve to prevent water leakage through the air tube inside the pump. Install the check valve as shown in the user manual (included in the box).

6. Place the air stone in the aquarium tank, fully immersed in water. If the air tube is too long, cut it to the desired length.

7. Connect the power adapter to the electrical outlet to start operation.


- The air pump itself is not waterproof, so please keep it away from water.

- Position the air pump higher than the fish tank water level to avoid malfunction or counter flow.

- Ensure proper layout of the air tube for optimal bubble production.


Style: Type A

Power Source: Corded Electric

Color: Type A

Brand: Bedee

Material: Ceramic

Material Type: Ceramic

Product Dimensions: 5.1L x 5.1W x 1.7H centimeters

Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 10.2 x 7.2 cm; 170 Grams

Item Weight: 0.17 Kilograms

Batteries Included?: No

Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)

Colour: Type A

Manufacturer: Bedee

Silent <35db <35db <35db
Power 1w 1w 4.5w
Number of Outlets Single Outlet Single Outlet Double Outlet
Maximum Flow 500ML / Minute 450ML / Minute 3000ML / Minute
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