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Anti Snoring Apnea Bruxism Mouth Guard Improve Sleeping

Anti Snoring Apnea Bruxism Mouth Guard Improve Sleeping

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This mouth guards are made of silicone, giving all individuals a safe, and hygienic way to finally stop grinding your teeth.
Eliminates snoring, giving you a better sleep.
Prevents Grinding of Teeth, Bruxism and TMJ.
Free protective and travel case.Convenient to carry out.
Simply insert the tray and enjoy a better nights sleep!

Prevents Grinding of Teeth, Eliminates Snoring, Made from soft silicone making this one of the most comfortable mouthpieces on the market
It is designed for healthy adults who wish to reduce the volume and frequency of their snoring.


Brand name: none
Model: none
Material: Silicone gel
Color: Transparent
Suitable for adults.

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